Monday, October 10, 2011

Wish Bowl

Traditionally, when you arrive at a shower, wedding or other celebration you are often greeted at the door with a  guest book to sign.  The guest book will be stored by the guest of honor and perhaps taken out at a later date to reminisce about that special day, but what if you could create a memento even more special on this memorable day?

A Wish Bowl is exactly what it sounds like, a bowl (or other container) that holds the "wishes" your guests have for you as you enter a new and exciting phase of your life.  Whether they are hoping for much happiness between you and your new spouse, or they wish to impart hopes for a growing family, either way a Wish Bowl is both functional and special.

If you would like to have a custom Wish Bowl at your event please contact us.  Things you should consider in determining what your Wish Bowl should look like:
the type of event
{shower, wedding, birthday party, retirement party}
color scheme and/or theme
{black and white, jewel tones, blues/pinks, safari}
important names or information you would like included
{honored guest, family name, baby's intended name, it's a boy/girl}
type of container
{bowl, basket, oversize wine glass, fishbowl, vase}
other ways to further personalize your Wish Bowl
{painted container, themed cards}
We would be honored to create a very special and individual Wish Bowl for you to display so that you too can have these cherished memories. 

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